Friday, June 27, 2008

Vancouver = Goodness

We're back from our West Coast trip, and after a bit of jet lag and uploading over 300 photos, i feel like my vacation is already starting to fade into the distance. Luckily, we are into a long weekend here, so i can actually re-cupe after a vacation - that means relish my shopping finds and skim through all the photos.

My second trip to Vancouver was even better than the first. Possibly because i knew it better, possibly because the weather was more cooperative, possibly because we were there longer. Most likely because we got to hang out a lot with our friends.

It was fun to see more of the city and larger Vancity area. I discovered some new stores and restos, and also just enjoyed relaxin' with friends and taking a break from life at home. Here are some of my highlights:
1) Shopping at my new favourite store, Nouvelle Nouvelle. Mishel, a co-owner, was a doll who was so friendly and helped make the start of my trip that much more exciting. She graciously recommended some great veg-friendly restos and was so sweet and helpful otherwise. The store itself is a goldmine - and to top it all off, i found a dress i was drooling over online, by indie designer Allison Fox, of A Small Collection. What luck! The dress is featured on her great website, in the spring/summer collection (the dress that has a big drapey neck). Thanks Mishel for getting my va-ca off to such a great start!2) Eating again at The Naam. We took our friends, none of which are vegetarain, let alone vegan, and we all had such a great time. The dinner consisted of such yummies as 'Noh Pie' (vegan banana creme pie), Steak Platter (vegan patty goodness, featured above), Tempeh Reuben, and Buddha's Feast rice bowl. The wait for a table for 6 was terribly long but well worth it!
3) Hanging out with our friends who moved here from Toronto, and now live in North Van. We spent a hot afternoon in Deep Cove, where were had a picnic feast. The local Whole Foods brought me this lovely vegan chocolate cupcake to add to the goodness, and these other treats did as well.
I could go on, but i won't because i still have Portland and Seattle to share with you! For some more fun photos of the 'V' part of our trip, feel free to see them here. And, if anyone does want to learn more about some other great things (according to me), feel free to write me. I have a good list of indie boutiques and vegan-friendly restaurants that i would be more than happy to share with you. Another good resource of fun indie stores is GoodEGG's list here.

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Blogger jae said...

vania - it`s been a while since we were in touch, eh? it looks like all`s pretty well with you - welcome back from your fun-sounding vacay!
are you on facebook? it`d be nice to be able to invite you to a potluck picnic i`m having in celebration of my cookbook on the toronto islands next weekend... you free?

6:04 PM  
Anonymous galxekat said...

Did you love Vancouver enough to make it your final destination?? One apprehension I have about moving there is I’d be so far from family. But it’s so gorgeous it would be well worth it!

1:50 PM  

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