Sunday, March 01, 2009

And the Baby Gear Making Begins!

We've been enjoying quiet weekends at home as of late, both due to the cold weather that still lingers and to my ever-growing body. Makes active living just a wee bit hard as just a flight of stays can knock the wind out of me these days!

But, at least my beloved sewing machine is working again. I can't tell you how much i missed sewing. Unfortunately, all the sewing these days are projects aimed at la bebe, or my sweet gumball, but at least i'm making use of my craft room before it becomes the study/craft area!Here are some things i've finished. As i mentioned previously, i've made a few diaper bags using a pattern from Amy Butler, called the Nappy Bag. Now i finally have made one for myself. I haven't made the changing pad yet, but will in due time. I think because i made so many before, i was able to make adjustments and perfect this one.

Also, i found a great free pattern on-line for a nursing cover. I used one of my favourite retro sheets for it and already am looking forward to using it. I especially love the boning feature so that i can peak at the gumball! The picture above is before i put the boning in, as for some reason, every time i try to upload the photo with the finished product, it uploads it sideways here! Grr...

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Anonymous Sam said...

Good stuff Vania!!

Just a tip on the picture uploading sideways: open up the image on your desktop arrange the image do it is upright and save the photo with a new name, then close the image. When uploading it to your blog it should (theoretically) upload upright instead of sideways. Hope this helps.

On the baby topic, just thought I'd mention that not all babies like to be covered over the head when nursing. I've heard mothers say that the baby gets too hot or cries too much, etc...not that I would know from experience :)

Have you heard about elimination communication? i.e. toilet training your infant from day one. No diapers required just clue in on your babies elimination cues. It's really very interesting. It's becoming quite popular in the grass roots community. Look it up on-line at:

1:26 PM  
Blogger vania said...

Sam, thanks for your comments! Funny how you suggested that i save the photo under a new name and upright - i did that! Still, no luck. Very frustrating.

Also, we are learning about elimination communication so i love that you thought of that too - my partner is all over it! Thanks for your comments, as always.

2:13 PM  
Blogger jae said...

temporarily dyslexic-brain, i guess, i read the title of your post as "And the Baby Making Gear Begins!" ... which conjured up a completely different image than the one you intended, i'm sure.

did i see you on saturday at wychwood barns? there were so many people it's a bit of a blur, but i thing one of the faces might have been yours.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Elisabeth Braun said...

Hi there from across the Pond in the UK. I'm a vegetarian with serious vegan tendancies - trying to go back vegan again now.=) I'm also a crafter and embroideress.

All the best with the delivery and early motherhood. You show the non-vegan world how it's done!=)

3:54 AM  

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