Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

I love tradition, and now that we have a wee one, we're starting a new tradition for our family. J and i have celebrated the Winter Solstice for years, but we wanted to do something that honours our community. So, we baked - correction, J baked as i was sick in bed - some festive loaves that we'll be giving to our neighbours today. Nothing says holiday like some baked goods - this year it's cranberry orange loaves. We got the recipe from our stand-by book, Veganomicon. Too bad i was so stuffed up that i couldn't smell the magic coming from the kitchen!

I also went with a woodlands theme for decor. Our tree has some new ornaments, made by me and bought. I made some cute acorns, loosely following this pattern as well as this one that i modified for an acorn.
I also bought C his first ornament and was so happy to have an excuse to buy/splurge on one of Tamar's work. We'll put it in his room afterward. I also bought this great crocheted pinecomb at a local craft fair, and the mushroom is from my favourite bookstore in the city.

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