Monday, August 29, 2011

A Kitchen of His Own

We had promised ourselves to make Li'l C his gifts for is birthday, which was in (ahem) June. Mine is still not done but at least J's is. C loved helping his Daddy every step of the way, and had a lot of input in this project too, as 2 year olds can.
So, as Li'l C loves to cook almost as much as J and i do, and he also loves to keep us company while we cook, J created the perfect kitchen. He used wood from an old record player table, and only had to buy a bit of supplies, like the magnet closures, the door handles, and a bit of wood. The rest is stuff we had already. A great fit for our tight budget.
Here' 'C' can stand for 'Clem' of course or 'cook' for the wee ones that come to join him in his kitchen!
We also incorporate the bowl and vase that i use to wash C's hands in it. He loves this part, and loves that he can do it all by himself now. The stove is a portable stove toy C got as a gift from his Pa and Nana and we built the kitchen to fit it in. I like how it can be removed as we can also use the counter to cut his food and he's learning how to actually roll out dough on it. I also have to admit i decorated the kitchen to fit in with ours - 50s inspired knick knacks and kitchen tools.

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Anonymous meansoybean said...

That kitchen rocks! So much better than the plastic stuff you find at the store. Very cool how you're making stuff for your kid.

9:36 PM  

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