Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Our Gifts

our gifts
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Here is what our tree looked like a few days ago, before we opened everything. I don't have the energy now to share with you what i got, but check out the things i made for people by clicking my "Get Crafty" Flickr link on the left side below. I hope everyone enjoyed what i made/gave them; as my mother always says, it's so wonderful to receive things that were handmade. I just hope that others think that too!
So, some of the things i made are:
*image hankies for my honey
*quilted wall hanging for my sister
*purple One Skein Wonder for her too
*quilted hot plates for my mom
*a cameo pin for her too
*knit slippers for my dad
*oven mitts for my mother-in-law (to be)
*coasters for my brother-in-law (to be)
*earrings for my sister-in-law ()
*soft toys for some dogs in my life
*apron for my grandmother ()
*knitting bag and pouch for a cousin ()
*jewellry for some friends


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