Thursday, January 18, 2007

My New Phone Cozy

As you can see from my sidebar 'works in progress', i have a non-ending list of 'restructured items' to make. I have so many things that i want to make - leg warmers, new tees, a skirt, you name it! One of my recent finished projects was my new phone cozy that i made from an old sweater. I looked at various phone holders out there and then created my own. I bought a new bright pink Razr phone that i just adore and i needed a holder that was just as cool.

I think this is it.
Unfortunately, i don't have pictures of my method, but here's the idea: I measured the phone and made a lining from light pink felt. I made it with 2 sides, a front and a back panel, as well as a bottom so that i could create a safe little pocket to hold it securely. I then measured out the sweater with just the front and back panels so that the phone was a snug and cozy (hence the creation of that word i guess?) as possible. I also made a flap that i lined and added a snap to close it.

Pretty easy stuff.I also plan to use the sweater to make new leg warmers (from the sleeves) as well as a mini-sweater from the top of it. What a great little sweater - it is offering me so much. I promised J i would make him a laptop sleeve (aka cozy) so that's my next restructured project: i'll be using his old pants and sweatshirt to make it!

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Blogger S said...

Excellent way to reuse! Sweaters are great! You got three new beautiful things-- its like a new life for old clothing!

11:18 PM  
Blogger Harmonia said...

Very nice, indeed! I should pick up some tips from crafty days are few and far between lately. Maybe once my pics get back to me I will start scrappin' again!

2:33 AM  
Blogger jen said...

great cozy! i'm so jealous you have the pink razr, i really want one. i bought my razr right before the pink one came out. what a sucker!

11:39 AM  

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