Thursday, November 22, 2007

My New Hood

I came home yesterday to a notice in the mail that i finally got the handmade hood hat that i ordered. I love getting good mail like this! Just in time too because the snow came down hard today. I went to the post office and eagerly opened the package to find my one-of-a-kind hoodie inside! (Please excuse the photo, i played around with self-portrait on my camera and this was the best of it.)
I am so happy that i randomly found PillBox Productions work on Etsy and this became my first purchase there. Poor Kristen ran into some bad luck sending the package to me, and it ended up being sent back to her. Thanks to our mutual support of sorts, she was able to send it again and this time it arrived in no time. Along with my lovely hat, she sent me a lovely other hat as a surprise (she really SHOULDN'T have) and some cute ornaments. The way she packaged everything too is added testament that she cares about what she does and is passionate about her work. I will wear this hat proudly, starting first thing tomorrow!

Since gettting this today, i am also vowing to buy handmade for gifts, as well as try my best to make my other gifts handmade by me. The will definitely be a craft vibe for gifts this year! Here's my pledge:
I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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