Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Flowers in the Garden

Clearly, i have been busy this past month - i can't believe it's been that long since i've posted here. I wish there was something i could show for it. I guess not keeping up here is yet another sign of work fatigue and not taking care of myself. I pledge to do that starting now - self-care, self-care, self-care!

Speaking of self-care, this past year, i've learned that i like to garden. I'm still such a novice i like to say my thumb is only a wee bit like pastel mint green, but it is very therapeutic - calming, relaxing, invigorating, and rewarding. As the season has changed, and we are beginning to expect frost (already saw SNOW on Tuesday), i guess my wee little garden will have to take a long nap for a couple of seasons. For now, here are some lovelies from my garden for you:

What do you do for self-care, like after a hard day of work, school, or life on general?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Vania,
When I have had a hard day I like to unwind by baking cookies (comfort food) or watching a good movie with a glass of white wine. Sometimes I will go for a swim in an indoor heated pool which I find very relaxing.

Love your pink flowers!
Your carrots remind me of mandrake roots from the Harry Potter movie :)


7:03 PM  
Anonymous Spare Ribbon said...

Your garden looks great and if you have annuals, they will bloom again in the spring!

5:55 PM  

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