Sunday, December 14, 2008

a crafty vegan's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

The Wreath
I just realized that today marks 12 days before the big day, and luckily my most recent absence from here is that i've been busy working on things for the holidays. So, in dedication to this month's fine holiday, here are my 12 days and 12 celebrations!

This is our first year at our very own house. It was fun to decorate it, and this month marks the final month before we can celebrate being home-owners for one year! While our budget its tight (see last sentence - wow home-ownership comes at a price!), we have still been able to fill our sweet little house with festive goodness.About a week ago, i was out looking at my front garden and realized my lovely Holly bush would be a great salvation to my wonderings about how to decorate my house. I had bought a wooden wreath circle a month ago, and sat with it, not sure what to do. A morning of inspiration, enabled me to craft a simple, reuseable, and sustainable wreath - just add new Holly next year! The cute little wooden paintings come from my talented mom who made them for me as tree ornaments a few years ago.

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