Saturday, January 02, 2010

Amuse Bouche New Years

We hosted an epic dinner party for New Years. We love dinner parties and themed ones at that. So, to join in the trend of amuse bouche dishes, we thought of having an 8-course feast.

Of course, the dishes are small, so we thought eating so much would be okay. We were wrong! We each took turns preparing our dishes in the kitchen, while the conversation and drinks flowed in the dining room. Bad took a long time to make the food and the drinks were too good to sip delicately. We had some Rosemary-infused Martinis, wine, and Champagne/Cava. I, of course was on baby duty and breastfeeding, so i kept my sips to ladylike proportions!

The menu was quite extravagant and we definitely outdid ourselves. J and i contributed a Parsnip Pear Soup recipe i found online and served in small eggnog cups. I substituted coconut milk for the regular milk it calls for, making it a lovely, simply dish (and vegan too). I also am in love with balsamic vinegar reductions!
J made a fun Sloppy Joel - with the topping from Veganomicon (lentils instead of typical TVP) and Quinoa Quinoa Cornbread from Vegan Soul Kitchen. Good stuff.
We almost made it to 2010 by course 7, but alas we had to eat the best Tempeh sandwich ever after...not a bad way to start a year, in my opinion! It had homemade BBQ sauce and a lovely cole slaw mixed in it. Goodness! Luckily, it is bigger than a typical amuse bouche, as all our dishes were!

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Blogger Jenn said...

I like your blog and your banner on the top. I'm a crafty vegan too! =)

Jenn, Hello Veggie

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