Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekend Sewing - aka When Baby Sleeps Sewing

I have wanted the book, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross for a while and was very happy to get it for Christmas. So, since i don't really have weekends to myself, i've had to rename my crafting time to "Moments I Can Get Away." I am still working hard on helping Li'l C fall asleep on his own and in his crib, but naps just don't happen there. Not that i'm complaining 100% - it is nice to have him so close (my lap, my arms, the carrier, our family bed), but i would love some v-time alone. Ya know? But, luckily, i get some down time at night, when i truly need it. I've rediscovered that sewing and creating in general are really the juice that keeps me going. Self-care at its best, and i feel so recharged after even a bit of time doing it.

I have too many projects both on the go and even more i want to do. I just hope i get half of them done before C doesn't need them - and yes, it's all about the babe now. A few projects for us adults, but for the most part, i'm making toys and clothes for the wee one.
But, i did promise J some pajamas for Christmas, and luckily he understood my IOU. So, i was able to try out the book and make the weekend pjs. I had to alter the sizing to fit my not-s0-wee-one, but that was pretty straight forward. And, as he's an avid biker, i got to use this fun fabric my mom gave me oodles of.
I also have been wanting to try making cloth slippers For Ever and have some patterns from Japanese craft books. So, i camped some time to myself an made these. All i need now is some stickers to put on the soles as these slippers are just that - SLIPPER-Y!! But lovely. I didn't have enough rick rack but i think they turned out fine just like this. I think my cat wants a pair next!



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