Monday, March 01, 2010

Knitting for the Family - Part 1

I have fallen in love with knitting all over again. While some projects can take much longer than i have patience for (i want it NOW), it is such a lovely, meditative craft. I am also finding it very helpful to teach me said patience, now that i am the mother of a very active and inquisitive 8-month old! I especially love it as my babe is sleeping on me, or while he is playing nearby. It is also so great to have him play with the ball of yarn, even as i'm using it! I can honestly tell people, as i'm giving them a gift of something i hand-knit, that Lil C helped me make it!

Speaking of which, here is the first of 3 posts i plan on doing where i'll share with you something i recently made. I owe my partner, J quite a few projects. So, here's a long overdue scarf he requested. I used some lovely cottons and the scarf pattern is the Chevron pattern featured in the Scarf Style book. A great technique. I didn't plan it to look so like Harry Potter's scarf, but J likes it and that's all that counts.I ran out of the yellow yarn halfway through. The original is the Manos del Uruguay yellow but luckily i was able to find one similar (and also fair trade and organic!). I didn't realize that cotton is considered a 'seasonal' yarn and hence not always in stock at stores in the winter...Lucky me that i could still finish it for this season. To be honest, the second yellow fits better on the yarn and is even softer. I doubt you can see the difference in the photos, but if you really look, you can!



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