Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Up-Cycling For My Wee One's Bottom

I think i may have mentioned this already, but we are a cloth diaper family here. I've been able to find some great dipes that work for day as well as overnight, but i'm still always looking for better. It's a bit of an addiction really. I also love all the handmade ones i see on-line (namely Etsy of course), as well as some patterns for me to make my own. But, i just don't have the time...Maybe for baby #2 (wow, i'm already there, huh?), i'll be with it enough to make my own.
I also came across some great sites to make your own cloth diaper covers.
As a vegan, i typically don't use wool myself, but as my partner isn't a vegan and nor will C be one (unless he chooses to be), i figured i could reuse some old sweaters my mom had already felted to make some great wool covers. Wool is just that much absorbent, and i love the idea of using what we have. Plus, i have been thinking more about how the vegan diet/culture isn't so organic or earth friendly as i wish it was.

But i digress...
So, after looking on-line at some great tuturiols, i made 3 wool covers for C. I have to admit, while they were pretty easy to make, and adorable, they're not perfect. I need to add elastics to the back to make them fit him better. Otherwise, they're kind of useless, right? But, they fit almost perfectly around his very bulky cloth diapered bum, except for the waist part.

In my research for finding good diaper covers, and things that are EC-friendly, i was so happy that a friend (thanks Rachel) referred to me to this find blog, Childhood Magic. So fun and a great inspiration - from home-schooling, to using wool diaper pants, and more! Check it out.

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Blogger Carla said...

Everything is so nice! Lucky Clem. You must be having a great time if you're thinking of having another! Nice!

I'm wondering about upcycled wool, too, as being ok for vegans. Someone just gave me a Preloved gift certificate and it looks like mostly wool there.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Bethany said...

Nice onesie...and other things! Hope you guys are well. Ben likes to report on all of Clem's new cute habits (and brag that he is a great babysitter!)

6:04 PM  

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