Thursday, December 29, 2005

What i Got for Christmas

Santa was indeed good to me. As someone who also has a birthday in December, i get double the gifts! This year, my partner and i decided to get each other gifts that helped our creativity. Since we're cancelling our cable (e-gads!), this will be a great thing for our creative selves. Here are some highlights, in no particular order because they're all fabulous gifts!

1) Stamp Kit
2) Books - Super Crafty, Stephen Lewis' latest, Sweetness in the Belly
3) Jewellry displays to hang my abundant supply of necklaces and earrings

4) CD's - Sarah Harmer and Depeche Mode
5) Vintage Scale

6)Vintage Italian sunglasses and antique tea box

7) Things made by my mom and sis - a great red clutch from an old kimono and a Klimt print on Copper made by my fabulous sister but i can't take a good picture of it
8) Cool napkins

9) Stella McCartney top from H&M - highly coveted and i couldn't find a picture of it online. Sorry!
10) Vintage curtains from the 30's

11) Curling iron and bath pillow
12) Kitchen needs - Breakmaker, sandwich toaster, cool Mexican bingo detail glasses and a bread pan
13) Towels and amazing sheets
14) Beads to make jewellry with as well as origami earrings and braclet

15) And last but not least, an annual array of socks and undies


Anonymous Hanna said...

nice haul, and great book I think? It's on my wish list too, but nobody knows - yet.

happy new year

7:32 PM  

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