Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thanks for Five Fabulous Years

If you're a fan of a certain show like me, then you'll be sad that today is the first day after the end of an era. Alias is no more. I really don't get how 'they' can just cancel a show because 'they' see that the ratings have dropped! I have been a fan since Day 1, and i'm not alone in this love/obsession. Sure it's not #1 in the ratings, but who cares, there is a HUGE fan base. I know all the story lines, character/actor names, and have never missed a show. Even when i lived in KZ for a year, my friends game me detailed (read: pages long) summaries and mailed me a tape of Alias episodes.

Oh well, i did cancel my cable in January (but am still getting free cable...shhh), so now i can turn off the TV and get back my life free of the couch. I did cancel cable to devote more time to crafts, reading, and good ole quality time, so maybe i'll get me some of that...

On to other news, i had a fabulously relaxing long weekend, even though it was terribly cold outside. My honey celebrated 32 years yesterday and we were at a cottage all weekend. I was the only female - two human males and two cat males = a lot of testosterone! But, i was a craft whiz. I knit my cape (almost done), one baby bootie, and finished the hand work on the quilt! Yea! I also started on some tin can flower pins (from Super Crafty!) and cooked a lot of good, rich, heavy food.

We also watch a shitload of movies: some good, some okay, some terrible,some creative (Everything is Illuminated), some disappointingly unsuprising (The New World), some sweet (Shop Girl) and some classics (The Birds).

My friend, Tom is an avid kite surfer and while the weather was too cold for me to go outside (and why bother when there's so much to do INside, he went out twice to do some 'sessions.'While he did that, I went garage sale shopping with J and scored on an oil tin (a cool vase) and this set for $8 - and i love that we have friends named Tom and Jer!

I just love cottage weekends when i can get away from the city, sleep for hours, do nothing, wear no make-up, and rejuvanate!


Blogger krissy said...

sounds like an amazing long weekend! i'm so envious that you got away to a cottage. i LOVE that photo at the top...the little cottage looks so cozy and inviting!

5:39 PM  
Blogger michelleknits said...

that sounds perfect -- nice company, crafts, food, movies!

i shouldn't be hungry at this hour but that food looks SO yummy right about now! recipe or hint or something????

and an excellent quilt!

and i love that picture of you on the couch!

sorry your show is off the air...

10:40 PM  
Blogger eireann said...

Hi Vania,

I'm sorry your emails are bouncing back! My email is ohbara at gmail dot com. Try again?

I've sent out all the matches, but maybe you and I can swap? Let me know what you think.

8:54 AM  
Blogger sunshine scribe said...

What a fabulous weekend! I am jealous. You deserved some down time.

Speaking of which I owe you a gelato date or a trip to the farm...lets do that soon :) Miss ya

9:22 AM  
Blogger Carla said...

sounds fun! cute cottage!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous galxekat said...

wasn't everything is Illuminated awesome!! And heavy food is good on long weekends when you can nap a lot. Unfortunately, for my long weekend, i worked on my poster presentation, overpaid for the flight, got a nasty burn from kayaking and sweeted off 5 lbs! that quilt looks store bought! i can't wait to move to the new apt, and into the new craft room!

4:32 PM  
Blogger jen said...

sounds like a great long weekend!

i've been avoiding your blog because i didn't finish watching alias until last night. i'm sad for it to go too, but it would have started to suck if they had tried to drag it out. i think they did a pretty good job of wrapping everything up. i love sloane's ironic fate.

10:20 AM  

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