Sunday, December 02, 2007

New Phone Cozy

Things are slowing down here for the blog as my craft work time is increasing for the holiday gifts i'm making. One other outcome of this is that the dining room table has become craft-making central and i rarely get to see the actual table these days. I finished one (1) project today, so that cleared up some room! Only about 10 more things to make (she says with a sigh).

The snow has come down hard, and i heard that it's going to be a record cold winter this year for us. Coincidently, the cable we cancelled almost 2 years ago was finally cut this weekend, so i guess these two things will factor in nicely for my creative side.Speaking of which, my old cell phone cozy was getting a bit of wear and tear in it so i decided it was time for a new one, and something a bit more 'fun' to match my bright pink phone. Since i bought this fantastic fabric for some baby gifts, i thought i could splurge on some for me. So, here's my brand new cozy!

Until next time...

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