Monday, December 15, 2008

a crafty vegan's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Buy Handmade or Local

Unfortunately, i will not have a lot of time to make gifts this year - don't ask! - but i have been able to keep my promise to buy local and/or handmade. It is easy for some of my gift recipients like my sister, who is just as crafty as me, but others prove a bit more of challenge. Like some kitchen supply wants for someone, books for others, etc. But only a small challenge, as living in a big city allows me to go to independent stores for such things - the goods may not be local necessarily, but we fill good buying in smaller stores and not the (ahem) big box ones!

There's nothing i love more than shopping for a few hours for loved ones and then carrying all the goods home, only to reopen the presents and wrap them up. Such a warm feeling!

Another holiday season love of mine are the various craft fairs in the city. Most are done now, but one or two more can still spring up. This year, i did the One of a Kind Show, The Workroom's Trunk Sale, and City of Craft. At each event, i was able to stock up on some gifts. One of me as well!

If you are interested in buying handmade, here are some great sources on-line, if you don't already know of them:
- GoodEGG Industries
- Etsy
- Buy Handmade
- Buy Olympia
- Bust Boobtique

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