Sunday, April 05, 2009

For the Baby From My Mom

We're getting busy stocking up on things for the Gumball, and J has been even busier renovating our old and cold study into the baby room. I'll post pictures of that soon, but for now, i'll just say it's been a lot of work - he's insulated the walls and re-finished the floor (all with my dad's help).
Speaking of help from parents, my mom has been busy getting ready for her first grandchild too. She's knitting, sewing, and buying on a regular basis! Here are just some of the things she's worked on. Pretty cute and unbelievably small, but precious and i can't wait for my little one to wear them! The blanket is a lusciously soft cashmere knit blanket that is stitched in Moss stitch. It's a perfect size to either swaddle bebe or have handy for the stroller.

Thanks mom and dad!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an exciting time. I remember when I was expecting my first, I was accumulating a pile of thrift store baby clothes and knitting and sewing little outfits.

9:24 PM  

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