Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-Day!

Today marks the mid-point of my vacation but it is one that has been filled with surprises. First, my sister has ended up spending the week with me due to issues with her American visa and transport back to the States. Second, we got a nasty virus on our main computer that has lead to our internet supplier cutting off our access, which has thus lead to time working on the computer instead of having the 'holiday plans' we were hoping to do. Third, Toronto, like many other areas has been hit with the storm. Winter Wonderland is upon us.

Since it's Valentine's Day, and i don't have as much access to my computer, here's a picture gallery of some love-ly things and my week so far.
Here is my latest addition to the Tie One On apron group.

We have been spending a lot of time indoors watching the first season of Charlie's Angels on DVD, playing board games and Dance Dance Revolution, knitting, and eating cupcakes. These cupcakes are ones i made in honour of my sister, who lives in Boston - vegan Boston Cream Pie Cakes. Notice the v-day sweet heart candies on top.


Blogger CC said...

I would love the recipe!

7:57 PM  
Blogger jen said...

the cupcakes look scrumptious!

do you know where i can find a good basic apron pattern? i probably won't follow it but i want one to work off of. trav asked for an apron for his birthday.

11:50 AM  
Blogger michelleknits said...

everything lovely! my favorite type of cupcakes! we called ours brooklyn vs. portland cremes! (cause if we didn't move to portland, we were at least gonna move to brooklyn!)

12:43 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Happy belated V-day to you too! Oh how I've missed you and your blog. Looking forward to seeing you Monday :)

1:48 PM  
Blogger Harmonia said...

What a lovely post! :)

11:07 PM  

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