Friday, March 02, 2007

Change is Good, Right?

Since today is a snow day at work - we had yet another storm and my boss called me at 8am to tell me not to come in (thanks!) - i decided it was the day for me to update my blog. There are a few things i have been determined to learn and change. One of them being an obvious change, my banner.

Thanks to Steph, who really is foxy and crafty, i learned how to change my banner. I still have to figure out how to make the banner stretch out, and i will edit the font of my name when we reinstall photoshop. But i learned it! I perservered, grunted and groaned a bit, but otherwise have made it look more like me.


I also made the sidebar more readable and pretty, or so i think. Now, i plan to see how to make the font size bigger for my posts - is it too small for readers? I haven't figured it out yet, and the new blogger template layout is too scary - i would have to do EVERYthing all over again. No thanks. If anyone knows where to change the post font size (not just the title) i would love to know!

I can't wait to post more crafty news - i have finished my cape and am ready for new projects! Now that my beloved computer is back and running, i'll have to load up some photos and i'll share with you my work.

Oh, and Happy National (for the US readers) Craft Month everyone!

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Blogger Carla said...

Snazzy new look!! Good project for a snow day. Have a nice weekend!

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Vegan! I was happy to help (as little as I did). Feel free to ask anytime!

12:03 PM  

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